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WATCH: Labour Councillors Speak Up For Thetford Sports Groups
Chris Harvey, Terry Jermy
Speech On Devolution
Terry Jermy
The elephant in the room is clear – Norfolk does not need this devolution deal, we need a new Government and a new County Council, and ideally we need both!
Abbey Regeneration Proposal Concerns
Terry Jermy
As you will be aware, there is significant concern within the Abbey Estate itself and wider Thetford community about these regeneration proposals.
Terry Jermy on housing & the environment
Terry Jermy
Abbey Regeneration - Letter to Flagship
Terry Jermy
Residents have been clear the addition of hundreds of new homes is not appropriate, particularly when they would be taking up so much of the much-valued green spaces.
An open letter to Councillor Sam Chapman-Allen
Terry Jermy
An open letter to request suspension of the Breckland Council's support for the Flagship Housing regeneration scheme for the Abbey Estate in Thetford.
Success! DIY waste charges to be scrapped following Labour campaigning
Terry Jermy
Success! DIY waste charges to be scrapped following Labour campaigning
WATCH: Breckland Council Meeting - Hazel McCambridge
WATCH: Breckland Council Meeting - Mike Brindle
Mike Brindle
WATCH: Breckland Council Meeting - Terry Land
Terry Land
WATCH: Breckland Council Meeting - Terry Jermy
Terry Jermy
Labour's Election Team in Thetford Revealed
Chris Harvey, Mike Brindle, Stuart Terry, Terry Jermy, Terry Land
A strong and skilled team has been revealed to help unlock Thetford's potential, ahead of local elections due to take place on Thursday the 4th of May.

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