Next Local Election in Thetford

Hazel McCambridge

Thetford Castle Ward

Hazel McCambridge

Standing for Town Council & Breckland Council

Hazel is standing for election for election for the first time to both the Town Council and Breckland Council.

She pledges that, if elected, she will make sure to stand up for the people of Thetford. In the face of the cost-of-living crisis and climate emergency, she wants to be a Councillor who works hard to turn our town into the thriving and diverse place it has the potential to be.
Hazel believes that supporting local amenities is crucial to making Thetford a place we all want to spend time and by listening to the interests and concerns of those of you in her ward she pledges to do what she can to support investment in what is important to a thriving town. Hazel believes we are so lucky to have a beautiful river running through our town and to be surrounded by forest.
Hazel says: “I love Thetford for the communities in the town who believe in the strength of helping each other as well as its connection with nature. I work in wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability and in my free time you will often find me learning how to grow vegetables in my garden or exploring Thetford Forest with my lovely corgi, Kirby. I enjoy joining local litter picks and the Saturday morning Parkrun and I am a founding member of Thetford Environmental Group, organising events around the town including the annual Sustainable Living Fair.
If you have an issue or question, you’d like to raise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Hazel.

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