Next Local Election in Thetford

Thetford Labour Councillor Mike Brindle

Thetford Priory Ward

Mike Brindle

Standing for Town Council & Breckland Council

I’ve enjoyed representing Priory Ward since 2009 so I feel I am familiar with the issues that affect residents. I also know many people from my time as Headmaster of Rosemary Musker High School. My wife, Corinne and I are long-time Thetford residents, and I am committed to making Thetford a better place for all, and that’s what I will continue to work for if re-elected. We need more Labour councillors to campaign on national issues such as the cost of living and low wages, decent education for all, the environment and for a properly funded NHS. We will also need to fight on local issues that threaten your future or reduce your quality of life. As your local councillor I will always listen to your concerns and act where it is possible to do so. We can make Thetford a better place. For example, the Charles Burrell Centre, where I am a Founder Trustee, has created jobs, provided training, entertainment and recreation, and helped people set up new businesses.

I am hugely concerned by the threat to the Abbey Estate where there is a scheme to ‘redevelop.’ Listening to most of you I hear of a plan to take your house or to take your garage or to take your green spaces. The Abbey does deserve updating but we need to find a better way than adding 500 extra new houses amongst you. There needs to be changes but not what is proposed.

I would appreciate your support again in this election.

You can contact Mike on 01842 753566 or email [email protected] if you have any queries.

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01842 753566

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