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Vic Peters is standing to represent Burrell Ward on the Town Council. He first stood for Burrell Ward in 2019, but missed out by just 22 votes! He hopes he can count on your support this year and hopefully get over the winning line.

Vic lives on Burrell Ward at Fir Road with his wife. He has two grown up sons and a young grandson. Vic will be recognisable to many residents through his role as a postman, something that he has done for many years. Vic is very active in the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

Vic said: “I am proud to call Thetford my home. I feel Thetford has a really great sense of community and is a wonderful place to live and work. It has a lot more going for it then people give it credit for but it also has so much potential not being met. If elected to the Town Council I aim to help the Labour Group unlock Thetford’s potential for the betterment of the whole community. I particularly would like to see our existing residential estates and communities better supported by the Town Council, including Barnham Cross Estate and Redcastle”.

Prior to his career as a Postman, Vic was in the Merchant Navy for 12 years, working up through the ranks from a galley boy, to second cook and baker. He travelled the world but left when he started a family.
Vic is passionate about sport and been active with Thetford Town Cricket Club in the past, serving on the committee for six years, three of which he was Chairman. He is currently a committee member of Thetford Rugby Club.

Vic has been involved in various community projects including a number of years as a School Governor and active member of the Parent Teacher Association.

Vic added; “I have spent most of my working life with the Royal Mail as an active trade union representative. I have a strong belief in trying to create a fairer society, whether in work or within my community. If elected as a Councillor, I hope to help transform the council from what it is currently, to become a much more transparent body, with a greater emphasis on the community it serves”.
Vic is happy to speak to Burrell ward residents about any issues and can be contacted using the form below.

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