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Forest Ward

Viola Ross Smith

Standing for Town Council & Breckland Council

Viola Ross-Smith has lived in Thetford since 2010. She first moved to the town when she was recruited on a short-term contract as an ecologist at the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO).

However, she quickly fell in love with both the BTO and Thetford and is now firmly embedded in the community. Viola founded the BTO column in About Thetford magazine, and can also be spotted taking part in local litter picks. You might also sometimes see her in media, as she frequently gives interviews about conservation matters (such as bird flu) as part of her job.

Viola cares passionately about Thetford. She enjoys supporting local businesses and making the most of local services and opportunities. If elected, Viola would seek to foster a safe, fair, cohesive and sustainable town for future generations, with opportunities for people of all ages.

During Viola’s time in Thetford, she has witnessed the impact of austerity and cuts to public services. For example, while her son was a baby, Thetford lost all but one of its children’s centres, depriving new parents of valuable help at a crucial time in their children’s lives. Viola’s now son goes to Drake School, and Viola is invested in making sure he and others have the best chance possible to make a success of their lives.

Viola’s background in ecology gives her valuable insights into the environmental challenges facing Thetford and the surrounding area. She believes that by working within the political system, she can help make positive changes that benefit the people of Thetford while protecting and enhancing the natural environment. She is committed to building a stronger a community, where everyone has a voice and can contribute to the town’s success.

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