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David Blackbourn

Burrell Ward

David Blackbourn

David was elected for the first time to both the Town Council and Breckland Council in May 2023, covering Burrell Ward on both Councils.

David lives on Burrell Ward at Nightingale Way with his wife Ann who is also a Councillor.

Now retired, David is very active in his local community supporting residents through his volunteering with Thetford Citizens Advice. David wants to continue to provide that support as your local Councillor. David and Ann have previously opened their garden for Thetford Open Gardens, raising vital money for St Nicholas Hospice Care.

With over 25 years of experience working with disadvantaged people and supporting them. David has seen at first-hand how individuals and families are affected by the actions of local, regional and national government. He’s been involved in benefit take up campaigns, increasing the income of communities by helping people claim disability benefits that many people are unaware of.

David said: “Becoming involved with the local Labour Party, and the current Labour Councillors, has made me aware of how important it is at the grass roots of local democracy and how lives can be improved. I’ve lived in Norfolk for over 50 years, and Thetford for nearly 40. My family were raised here. This town was buzzing. So, what has happened? Thetford has so much potential, but is it being realised?”.

On the Town Council David is Vice Chair of the Finance & Personnel Committee and also sits on the Planning Committee. On Breckland Council David is a member of the Licensing Committee.

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