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Terry Land

Boudica Ward

Terry Land

Councillor for Boadica Ward

As somebody who was Essex born and bred, is now a Thetford resident and has always relished my UK citizenship I am proud of my heritage and very ready to acknowledge the influences that made me the person I am. I believe in British values of aspiration, fair play and looking out for each other.

Aspiration is not and should not be a dirty word. I believe that in an economy our size nobody should be left behind. All of us aspire to a better life – and my British sense of fair play dictates to me that if somebody needs a leg up we should help not dismiss them. That is why I volunteer in a Community Shop at the Charles Burrell Centre – looking after others benefits all of us, not just the struggling.

As well as providing an outlet for casework, I believe my role is to rebuild the market – the hub of our town – and attempt to provide a thriving facility everybody can be proud of. Communications between Council and residents have long been problematic, so again, my role is to repair that gap and get residents educated and invested in the many areas the Town Council serves them.

We live in an area with so much potential. It is frustrating that our local Councils do not serve us better. Many surrounding areas often look down on our community despite us offering so much historical, commercial and tourism opportunities. We live in a beautiful area, which is just yearning for a voice.

My hobbies include walking around Thetford, looking after the garden and watching my football team. Having worked for many years as a journalist, I enjoyed writing a column for a local Thetford community magazine detailing my local walks. I moved here immediately following the first Covid lockdown and truly believe I have landed in a real gem. As well as some lovely scenery, I’ve met more than my fair share of caring and inspirational people. I feel privileged to volunteer, working for the Community Shop in the Charles Burrell Centre and join litter picking teams around the town in an effort to at least reduce a bit the longstanding problem of untidy neighbourhoods.

On the Town Council Terry is Chair of the Venues & Communications Committee as well as being Vice Chair of the Allotments Committee and a member of the Planning Committee. At Breckland, Terry is a member of the Overview & Scrutiny Commission and a substitute member of the Planning Committee.

Elected Positions
Town Councillor for Priory Ward and Breckland Councillor for Boudica Ward
Positions on Council
Town Councillor for Priory Ward and Breckland Councillor for Boudica Ward
Memberships & Unions
Terry is a volunteer at the Charles Burrell Shop
Now retired - previously a journalist

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Terry Land
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